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i47 Innovation Labs is an energetic team of engineers that works on technologies with a social relevance. We base our research on how a confluence of electronics and cloud can solve everyday problems.

We do water supply automation, which several of our customers reported as saving ~10% of their demand. We also work on metering and consumption analytics, which helped several customers save 30-35% water. Next stop - automation of sewage reclaim and monitoring.

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Water Management

Metering and water saving on purchase and distribution side with intelligent server-side analytics to help you manage your water demand. aegir

Agri Automation

From electricity or fuel consumption of machinery to ensuring the right environment and minerals to plants, farmers can get precision automation and analytics.

Access Control

Modern, rule-based, touchless access control devices that doesn't require carrying keys or cards. Experience how simplicity embraces security like no other. bolt

Thoughts and Ideas to awesome products

We are an end to end IoT and Cloud research lab - let us transform your ideas into electronic products and cloud services.

Experience designing and executing on extreme scale, to the tune of 500 Million transactions a day.

An R&D team that does not hesitate to travel off the beaten path, to bring you the optimum solution.

Product thinking and modular approach in everything we do, enabling you to react faster to changes.

Some of our popular products

Modbus/LoRa Meters

Fully in-house developed ultrasonic high-precision smart metering device

Modbus/LoRa Gateway

High capacity (75-1000) gateways with GSM or WiFi based uplink capability

Door Access Control

Touchless access controllers for doors, fully configurable via web

Patrol Device

Online system to improve patrolling efficiency in your property

STP Monitor

STP output quality monitoring and automation, helping you stay compliant

Home Water Management

Patented device monitoring your tank, sump and motor for overall water management

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